Welcome to Nettie's Soaps and Such

" In everything, love simplicity"

Saint Francis de Sales

Welcome to Nettie's Soaps and Such!

In  the fast paced journey that we call life isn't it nice to know that  there are long ago traditions that still remain.  Making soap by hand  with simple natural oils, herbs and milks is one of those precious  traditions. 

 Since you've found your way to this  website you may have already had experience with using beautiful  handmade soaps and products.  Once you have- you'll never want to go  back to commercial products.   Thanks for checking Nettie's out.  I'm  sure that you won't be disappointed !

 I'll try to keep the products listing current.  So come back often to see what's new! 

More good things to come!


Our Mission

All products are made with  high quality ingredients in small batches  from my home to yours .  Each one is a limited edition due to the unique nature of each recipe. 

I hope that you enjoy using Nettie's products as much as I enjoy making them for you!

Customer Reviews

What people say about Nettie's

"I can't say enough about how much I love Nettie's soaps and sugar scrubs.  They are luxurious and I feel so pampered.  Its like a mini-spa experience in the comfort of my home.  The best part is that they are all natural and that makes them even better! "    Lana

"These products are amazing.  I love how soft my skin feels with the sugar scrubs. I love all the different soap scents ( for me  and my family and even Bow Wow Za for my dogs) ! I love knowing what I'm putting on my skin and my furbabies! "


"I absolutely love Netties products! The variety of fragrances are all lovely.  They all lather nicely and leave my skin feeling moisturized and not dry.  I also like many of the the other products that they offer like lip balm, bug spray, bath salts and room sprays.  All natural and all really great products.  Thank you Netties for all the love and goodness you pour into these soaps and products.  You're amazing!"


 It all started with my little one struggling with eczema. My mom stopped by with some soap from Nettie's and to make a long story short we have been hooked ever since. The scrubs have been AMAZING - By accident we found out that it works WONDERS to take roofing tar off skin. The bath fizzies are a favorite in our house. The ones with surprises make bath time something the girls look forward to. My husband has started using the beer soap and absolutely loves it. The salt soap leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. The "hint of hippie" shampoo bar is INCREDIBLE! It really works. The best part about these products are that they are reasonably priced, they smell SO GOOD, and they are made with high quality ingredients that we can trust. We loves Netties! Thank You for a wonderful product. Anna (& Family) 

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